Establishing Sea-Lix

It took 4 years from the conception of the idea until Sea-Lix was established. His time was used to develop the bidirectional contra-rotating twin rotor Sea-Lix turbine as a concept and to address its potential areas of application reflecting on its characteristics. In 2011, Sea-Lix moved from being an internal project to becoming a company. At the same time, the initial patent application was filed, shaping the base for the comprehensive IPR platform protecting the technology.
Sea-Lix has continued to develop its technology and addressing areas of application. Its base technology represents a platform on which products have been developed beyond that of the original tidal turbine including complete “plug-in” Energy Conversion Technologies for pressurized hydropower as well as for hydrokinetic power generation.

The Founders

Aage B. and Jason joined forces in 2005 and have worked together on the development of self-initiated innovative technologies since.