November 16 2018

Endurance Testing of the Sea-Lix POGMO and the Hydrospin SWING

Sea-Lix have recently concluded a test program including endurance testing of the Sea-Lix POGMO and the Hydrospin SWING ( turbine units, both platforms for power harvesting for monitoring and communication in water distribution systems.

More than 7000 hours of operations were monitored over a range of flow rates and pressures. Both units performed as expected demonstrating their individual specified capacities and characteristics.

Whilst the Hydrospin SWING provide off-grid electric power for monitoring and communication, the Sea-Lix POGMO also work as a turbine-flowmeter providing accurate flow data. The POGMO also have an increased capacity offered by two integrated generators, each generating up to 100W.

Blanketing DMA’s with autonomous monitoring solutions such as the Sea-Lix’ POGMO series can generate high-density insight on consuming even in real-time – allowing cost-efficient implementation of pressure management. Leakage rates will drop dramatically as will your maintenance bill!

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