January 25 2019

Introducing POGMI and POGMO

Sea-Lix is excited to announce the arrival of brand new ranges of turbine-driven monitoring platforms.

Our new POGMI range is available for pipe-sizes from DN80 to DN200, either flanged or for mounting with saddle-clamp. The unit is fitted with a 30 W generator providing flow-dependent electricity to power a range of sensors as well as data transmitting equipment.

This POGMI is prepared for integrated sensors for monitoring of i.e. pressure/temperature and/ or pH. Additionally, the unit may be used to power external consumers also. The unit’s turbine is also used to calculate flow.

The generated electricity is delivered to a UPS which in turn provide power to the chosen monitoring set-up.

The POGMO range has been extended and is now available for pipe-sizes from DN80 to DN 150. This unit is fitted with two generators capable of delivering a total of 200 W – should more power be required.

New product sheets for POGMI and POGMO can be downloaded her:

Both units are ideal for powering equipment at sites with no electrical grid connection available. Data is logged and communicated by the use of our Smart Utility Data (SUDA) unit, making it immediately available. Sea-Lix products will help you meeting the strictest requirements to overall performance including quality control, leakage minimization and maintenance cost reductions.

If you have any questions or need further details, please contact us at: