Putting the FILIX to the test (VIDEO)

We have been wanting to demonstrate for our clients just how capable the FILIX filter family is. Now we have.

The intention was to emulate a common scenario in the hydropower industry; forest residue and debris entering the more delicate parts of the machinery, where clean water is crucial for effective cooling and sealing.
Thus, we sent Terje on a «pine-needle-collecting-mission» into the deep forests of Modum municipality.
As it turned out, Terje is a natural harvester – amassing 7 liters of the stuff in almost no time. Quite the ant, he is!

The pine needles were then brought down to our test facility. The test principle was as follows:

  • Water was circulated through a FILIX SL 1.0.
  • Then, 7 litres of pine needles and unidentified residue from the forest floor of Modum was introduced upstream of the filter.
  • Sounds like a bad idea, but that’s the name of the game out there. How did the FILIX cope? Have a look for yourself: