G-LIX is the complete package

Small hydro has historically derived from scaling down conventional large and well established hydro power solutions. This has led to disproportionally high construction costs, in particular with regards to civil works and other necessary infrastructure. Sea-lix has approached the challenge from the core – designing a solution purposely for smaller hydro-schemes. Our G-LIX powerhouse turbines are highly compact and efficient and scale well to facilitate the requirements of most small hydro projects. G-LIX is available as PLUG N’ PLAY power stations integrated in standard containers to your specification.

On account of the two contra-rotating rotors, our turbine yields more per swept area than single rotor turbines. Additionally, the contra-motion self-cancels torque. Both aspects are reflected in a highly compact installation overall, not least to mention that they reduce 1) downstream erosion and 2) requirements to the supporting structure.


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