Sea-Lix’ core turbine technology evolves from a conic helix shape applying dual rotors arranged in-line and rotating in opposite directions.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Sea-Lix’ platform technology is protected by patents and patent applications in all relevant regions:

  • Two turbine patent applications filed in GB in January 2011. These were later merged and have progressed into the PCT-stage (January 2012). Current status: EPO GRANTED and granted/ under national consideration (14 states/ 4 regions).
  • Additional application patent (filter cleaning nozzle) was filed in January 2012 (GB). This progressed to PCT April 2013 and has been granted e.g. in China. Under national consideration (14 states/ 4 regions).
  • Third UK turbine/valve/pump patent application filed in 2015. Progressed to PCT in 2016.