June 02 2017

Tidal/River Details

Sea-Lix’ hydrokinetic strategy, that of energy conversion units for tidal and river applications, aim at the “community” segment, i.e. of units of a capacity up to 250 kW. These may be sea-bed based or alternatively “barged”.

At present Sea-Lix is in the process of planning the installation of a trial turbine at Vargfjorden, a side-fjord to the Ofotfjorden in Northern Norway. Following tidal current monitoring and data harvesting, a 35 kW pilot unit will be deployed for trial operations. This is expected to be in operation from early 2018.

The Sea-Lix tidal-current sampling barge.


Modeled sea-floor of Vargfjorden and positioning of the pilot turbine.


Harvesting current-data at Vargfjorden.